"Gina is meticulous and gives plenty of attention to detail. She makes it easy to work work with her." Charlotte Ariss/Charlotte Ariss Locations

Photo by Thomas Strand

Photo by Thomas Strand


People often ask me what it is that I do, and probably the best answer is “whatever the project requires.” Read these FAQs for the full details.

While I am proud of my portfolios, client lists, and recommendations, I think the instances that give me the most street cred were not necessarily on the job.  In 2009, I packed up in a month’s time and went to teach English in South Korea. The boss of the small private school I worked for in Seoul, a former restaurant owner, provided me only with a white board for teaching tools. I had no teacher training before or when I arrived at the school.  With up to nine different classes to teach in a night, my creative problem-solving skills were put to the test.

Ten months into my yearlong contract my boss left me a note on my desk that said I was terminated and to sign an agreement written in Korean.  I did not comply.  By wrongfully terminating me before the end of my contract he would save at least $7,000.  Having early suspicions based on dodgy practices I had already begun networking with expats who had been in Korea for some time.  I met an Australian who worked with Korean labor attorneys.  While I have never been in court in the United States, I sued my boss in Korea and won.  I got my money and moved on to a better school that supplied things like books.

In the spring of 2017, while traveling alone on a remote Caribbean island of Nicaragua I woke up with a vision impairment due to a delayed autoimmune response.  To get to an ophthalmologist, I had to barter to take a boat and plane back to the mainland. I was then sent to a hospital to see a neurologist. I can’t say I was feeling confident when my first medical test was a spinal tap.  Because I was in private care and had already put down a deposit with my Amex gold card, I was seen as a cash cow.  My doctor wanted to me to stay five days and do a lot of testing.  I was segregated to one hallway that was about fifty feet long and watched by the nurses.  American doctors advised three days of medication via IV for my condition and to get home to a specialist.  Despite being unnerved by premature and exaggerated diagnoses, I had to remain constant in the mission to get myself home safely and as soon as possible.  Three days later I was on a plane.

These two situations have been some of the most stressful in my life and probably some of the most influential. Both times I just kept my cool and tapped into the resources I had and leveraged them to the best of my ability.  This is how I approach jobs. 

I don’t feel my responsibilities have an end and I do the only thing I know: chip in wherever I can. Over the years clients who work with me have come to expect more than just a producer or art buyer; they get a partner in their creative projects. 

Please have a look through my work, and contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to the opportunity to work together.