"She is extremely talented, and a Jane of many trades." Jeffery Fiterman/Photographer


Whether you are an emerging artist or established, I offer consulting in specific areas.  I can assist if you are getting off the ground or just need a refresh. You are only as strong as your weakest image.

  • Portfolio review including edit and flow
  • Presentation of portfolios
  • Direction of how to speak to your audience and separate yourself from your peers
  • Brainstorming test shoot concepts for portfolio
  • Website review
  • Basics before estimating
  • Client sourcing (considering what types of clients to go after and how to reach them)
  • Principals of estimating and negotiation (note that if I am estimating a job that the intention is for me to produce, there is no charge)
  • Crew sourcing
  • Understanding usage, pricing, and day rates




Sometimes before clients need an art buyer or a producer for a project they need the project first. I can offer services a la carte to assist clients when they are working toward project approval or when they are ready to get started.

  • Resource appropriate vendors
  • Plan realistic budgets
  • Create estimate scenarios
  • Establish project timelines and calendars


Consulting sessions are $150/hour with a minimum of 2 hours. Know that I understand people have budgets.  Let me know what you need and what you type of budget you ware working with and we can go from there.  You might also find these FAQs helpful.


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